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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Repack x64 x86 Torrent Download

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Release Info:

Year: 2014

Genre: (young shoots) / 3D / 1st Person

Developer: Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software

Publisher: Activision

Publication Type: Reloaded

Game Language: Rus | ang

Number of votes: Rus | ang

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Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 for Windows (except x64)

@ Intel Core i3-530 processor Intel / AMD Athlon 2 X4 810 @

Memory: 6 MB

Video Card: DirectX compatible 1 GB 11

(450 @ 1 GB GeForce GTS / ATI Radeon (5) 870 HD)

Card Song: manufacturer

Free hard disk space: 35 MB

Information about the game:

Call of Duty: Advanced War, developed by Sledgehammer Games

(For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) – the first game

History series are used

Three years ago, the new aircraft designed game system

development cycle. Call of Duty: Advanced wartime

When the path of the future in the battle Lorem Elite

He vowed to join the new battle. winner

winning actor Kevin Spacey from the Academy

Jonathan Celano – one of the most influential people in the world,

People connected with this vision of the future of military operations.

Repack Features:

Call: Advanced Prosopographia

Version of the game –

Cut the majority of cases, roll-drawn

Do not recoded

The ability to download just the right place

(- Russian English)


Ex SP Update

year 2014

Genre: (branch) 3D 1st Person

Developer: High Moon Studios Sledgehammer Games

Publisher: Activision

Publication Type: RIP

Platform: PC

History of the language

History of the language

Crack closes (3DM)


Operating System: 7.8 / (64-bit)

Processor: Intel Core i3 / Pentium 2 X4 810

Memory: 6 MB

Video: 1 GB, GeForce GTS 450 / Pentium (5) 870 11 Direct contact

Sound card: compatible with DirectX 11

Local HDD: 37 MB


Finally, no one knows for mercy. The rest of the world is the destruction of the ruins of the old order and the new military force – and the leader of a private company wants to bring people hope for a decent life. On the other hand, the art of anarchy and chaos in the iron. Welcome to 2054, where the war.

Call of Duty: formed by three years of war in connection with an advanced, taking into account all the new generation of gaming systems. This new creation is the foundation of a new game. Advanced technical subjects, but only with the help of exoskeleton, which they keep for military service within five minutes! In addition, a letter of hope and a fascinating storyline, whose office is the winner of the “Oscar” Kevin Spacey.


Improve the World:

Wait for Call of Duty: Advanced War, is expected to in the future development, the most obvious way, it is proved that the upper and technological progress in the military sphere.

This carefully designed private societies of the world, the coming war (PMC), you can be the dominant part of the army, and drawing the ends of redraw to rewrite the rules of warfare.

Jonathan Irons, founder and president of the Moors PMC – ATLANTIS Corporation – the epicenter of things.

Most soldiers:

Exoskeletons able to completely change the concept of the art of war, which makes it, and die in the war, by themselves, the reasons for the war, and eliminating the need.

Introduction of mechanical elements in the course of movement of players, and spring concept of invisibility and add to cling to the head, biomechanics, and the power of individual perception, patience, speed.

With the development of new and improved soldier exoskeleton armor, weapons, between the freedom of the land of the prince, a plan which the player used to play mode in Call of Duty all prosperity and adversity,

Basic equipment:

Using Sed power generation, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has players take on the future of high-tech military equipment coarse art a whole new set of auxiliary equipment, as well as benefits such as the art of self-hoverbayki and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Porch, until he could not choose the usual energy and unique weapon, which completely changes the gameplay.

Power exoskeleton to provide a new and tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Evolution Advanced Warfare, in general, makes shooters.

Features on the river:

The Fund is a content license

– Do not recoded

– Many of the exiles

– Game Archives will not be affected

– Ability to download the right hand site of “Rus-games-1 (2) the Bin (Russian) ang-games-1 (2) the Bin (English)”

– Game Version:

– Installation time: 30 minutes | It depends on the ability of football


* SP Ex Update

River Author: Decepticons

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Repack

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