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AmCap alternate video source recorded by your webcam and save them on your hard drive kaagad.Sa AmCap easily can record video to the hard drive, or MPEG2 or AVI, provided you have the codecs needed. It has the option more attractive, such as the ability to screenshots or add effects special graphics (overlay video, alpha blend, transparency, etc.) in the way, we found errors AmCap little. Maybe we expected something else: a webcam monitor or something similar. But I honestly do not find AmCap useful. You will not even let you take screenshots automatically after a certain lapse of time. In addition, video files take up much space, so you better have a large hard drive ready! AMCAP tool easily allows you to capture video from your webcam for whatever purpose you may have. If you are looking for webcam monitoring application, you should look elsewhere.

AMCap 9 22

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