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Avast! Internet Security

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Kaspersky Internet Security’s robust security suite that includes many tools to protect the system. The package includes firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing tools, VPN secure lines and smart scanning tools. Kaspersky Internet Security, you can set the parameters of the scan mode; Select the target to scan, select scan mode for all file types. Or you can customize scanning to identify file types for content / extension / user-defined extensions.

The main features are:

– Firewall.

– Real-time threat detection.

– Anti-phishing tools.

– Sandbox.

– Antivirus.

– Secure VPN lines.

– Anti-spam tool.

– SmartScan.

– Solid protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security also includes the addition of several new technologies such as secure DNS, HTTPS scanning, and network security devices for protection.

What’s new Kaspersky Internet Security 2016:

– The lower impact boot faster, take up less space on your hard disk.

– Alpha Capture better detection of unknown and unique files using our cloud technology.

– Regular monthly program to update automatically and silently, adjustable via Settings.

– Improved detection of router vulnerability.

– Search regime Nova banka SafeZone.

– Faster SecureLine connections.

– Antispam now opt-in components.

– Removed the hardware virtualization (NG) replaced Ciber Capture, with less impact on system resources.

– Removed Remote Assistance is not used enough and is not a core function.

Requirements: Windows (all versions)

Languages: Multiple languages


1. Unpack and install

2. Use of the file that license to register

3. Double-click the File Kei (Note that not all file Lic work properly)

4. Click Yes, OK

5. Done.

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