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DayZ mod for Arma IIwith confrontation as military turns into a game of survival in the post-apocalyptic overrun by zombies. Day Zrequires original Arma II will be work for usalo.Un DayZ game cruel, your only goal is to survive and avoid being turned into brain gorgingzombie. For this you will wander from one city to another in search of food, or weapons; Ifyou are unable to adapt to this hostile world, die andhave to start from scratch!

Beware zombiesand other players! DayZ is a multiplayer game that shares this huge world with many of the other players. When you encounter another, its unclear whether their purpose is good or bad, or whether they are alone or accompanied. You have to be constantly on guard, keeping in mind that good cooperation is how best to boot xogadores.Zombies surviveor others, of course, the danger is very clear, but you should always be careful with other players that may want to put a bullet even the head of his for his team. Fortunately, brutally attacked humans are not the only option. Communicatingwith other players and strategy to find necessary for their survival.

Amazing atmosphere and environment certainly gráficosO DayZ best quality. The map is huge only (you will have about an hour and a half to get from one side to the other), and its full of meadows, forests and cities full of danger. The graphics are amazing, based on Arma II still has some serious tricks up its sleeve. Characters, objects and environments breathtaking; Will surprise more than once.

The experience of the game is únicaDayZ deep and realistic environment is concerned. The mod will give a second youth to Arma II and if you have the original game. His amust for those looking for something new.

DayZ Arma 2

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