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Google Chrome (Beta) is a beta version of Chrome Google uses to test new features before they ergänzt.Die version stable Moreover biggest latest Google Chrome (Beta) is the inclusion of applications for speech recognition. Reader includes a new API Web Speech, which provides tools to recognize speech in the web application to integrate their development. There is controversy about the safety of API specified in the authorization and recording müssen.Google Chrome (beta) also adds improved security, especially for the growth of a few. Extensions should be explicitly allowed is automatically withdrawn. This is a great and will force the development of comprehensive transparency werden.Wenn you want to do things on the horizon for Chrome, download and try Google Chrome (Beta).

Google Chrome Canary is a modern version of the browser Google. Now you can use Google Chrome Stable Google Chrome beta version of Google Chrome development now, Google Chrome Canary download Alpha / The pre-alpha Reader not everything that appears in Google Canary, tend to sometimes appear in the development and stability, as if you want to be at the forefront of Google Chrome Canary is what you want. The good news is, if you Google Canary, the difference will not be installed installed on your installation, so that the content of your heart können.Da but test untested side and for those who want to help Google to the next version of develop Chrome, you are very unstable and unreliable at times find it and warned that it collects statistics using donations to Google senden.Wenn modern development of Chrome Google Chrome Canary is the latest to see your answer.

Google Chrome 53

  • Google Chrome 53 download free torrent
  • Google Chrome 53 Download Torrent

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