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The Disappointments Room 2016 Spanish Movie Download Torrent

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When the plague of strange events, the woman (Kate Beckinsale), a man (Mel Ryden) and 5 years (Marcus join) the roof of a private room in a new house.

Virgin Mary and son of the attic of the country and send it to the horror of unimaginable dream home.

David and the rest of his clothes, and RoomDana disappointment, 5 years old, looking for a new beginning. Because it will be at the head of the house of their order in the house, and everything you ever dreamed of a beautiful countryside. But when it turned out that I have a thing Dana secret attic. A series of strange things to it to find the missing key to this place. And according to the multitude of his mercy, to open it, and sent a terrible, terrible things back, which manifest themselves in the house where my name scared assigned to him in the past.


Classification: NA

General Date: May 13, 2016

Genre: Gloria / Drama

Duration: none

Distributor: TGV Photos

No Cast: Beckinsale came as Luke, Mark McRaney

Director Caruso

Format: 2D

The Disappointments Room 2016

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